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Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Paper Pumpkin Many Happy Birthdays

Let’s kick things off this month with a little laugh.
Question: Why did the candle fall in love?
Answer: Because it found the perfect match! (Ba-dum-tshh!) We did warn you that it would only be a little laugh.
But, you know what else is a perfect match? You and the Many Happy Birthdays Kit! This kit will help you effortlessly plan the perfect birthday surprise for someone you love. Whether you’re sending wishes their way in a card, creating party invitations, or giving a gift card, the pull tab candle cards will help you pull it off with flare!


And since the kit name is Many Happy Birthdays, here are some more ideas to keep the flame of creativity burning bright. First, using just the kit components, you could turn the many happy birthdays cards into mini happy birthday cards by making a set of tiny cards.


Next, transform the pull-tab pocket card into a literal pocket card. Just assemble the card base, trim the bottom, snip the end corners at an angle, and add some adhesive at the bottom to seal it shut.


As always, hang onto that stamp set so you can use it on future projects—like this card. The geometric line images create simple background in any color scheme.


This kit is on fire! Don’t let the fun burn out—order many more refills today, while supplies last.


The Many Happy Birthdays Kit is just in time to celebrate our fourth birthday in March! We’ve come a long way and look FOUR-ward to many happy birthdays with our Paper Pumpkin peeps. We’re so grateful FOUR you! Party with us by sharing your favorite projects online. #PaperPumpkinBirthday

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