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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 34th Birthday, little Sistah!

Happy 34th Birthday Reannon!


"Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy -- because we will always want to have something else or something more."

- David Steindl-Rast

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Name White Lab Puppy

This is the white lab puppy I brought home for our neighbor who we are fostering until she is ready for him.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My niece(goddaughter) has this fundraiser that I thought I'd share with all of you. The school she goes to that would receive the support is Macomb Christian Schools, which is the same school my son went to for pre-school 10+ years ago.

SCRIP is a program offered by Great Lakes Scrip and managed by the MCS Parent Teacher Congress that offers our families and their friends the opportunity to purchase gift cards at face value and earn a reward off their tuition based on the purchase.

For example: As commuter school parents, many of us visit the gas station at least once a week. Speedway (and many other gas stations) offers $25 gift cards through the SCRIP program with a 4% reward. If you purchase $125 in Speedway SCRIP in a month, you have earned $5 off you tuition for putting gas in your car! Multiply that for 12 months and you just saved $60 off your tuition! Does your family every go out to dinner on Sunday after church? Purchase SCRIP gift cards for your dinners out and earn a reward! Do you ever give gift cards for birthdays or Christmas? Order through SCRIP and your gift just earned you a reward off your tuition! Mention the SCRIP program to friends and family. When they order, and indicate your family, you can earn rewards through their purchases, too!

Visit the Great Lakes Scrip Website for a complete list of available cards.

SCRIP Order Dates for 2010-2011
Order by Wednesday, September 29 for pick-up on Tuesday, October 5
Order by Wednesday, October 20 for pick-up on Tuesday, October 26
Order by Wednesday, November 10 for pick-up on Tuesday, November 16
Order by Tuesday, December 7 for pick-up on Tuesday December 14 **
Order by Wednesday, January 19 for pick-up on Tuesday, January 25
Order by Wednesday, February 9 for pick-up on Tuesday, February 15
Order by Wednesday, March 8 for pick-up on Tuesday, March 16
Order by Wednesday, April 13 for pick-up on Tuesday, April 19
Order by Wednesday, May 11 for pick-up on Tuesday, May 17

Giveaway Raffle

Okay, I decided instead of trying to "sell" my extra Watercolor Trio Wood Set that I would give it away in a raffle this month.

All you have to do is:

Place a Stampin'Up order with me this month. For every $50 ordered (before s/h/tax), you'll earn a raffle ticket.

All orders must be in and paid for by Tuesday, September 28th, so I can place them with the home office before monthend deadline.


*Drawing will be at monthend (after all orders are placed & processed) then the winner will receive the FREE Watercolor Trio Set with their order.*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

True Love

True love is an
acceptance of all that is,
has been, will be,
and will not be.

'Life isn't about
how to survive the storm,
But how to dance in the rain.'

We are all getting Older
Tomorrow may be our turn.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

God's Phone Number


This is Beautiful This is a great way to start each day

Hello God, I called tonight
To talk a little while
I need a friend who'll listen to my anxiety and trial.
> > > > > You see, I can't quite make it through a day just on my own...
I need your love to guide me, so I'll never feel alone.
> > I want to ask you please to keep, my family safe and sound.
> Come and fill their lives with confidence for whatever fate they're bound.
Give me faith, dear God, to face each hour throughout the day,
And not to worry over things I can't change in any way.
> > I thank you God, for being home And listening to my call, for giving me such good advice When I stumble and fall..

> > Your number, God, is the only one that answers every time.
I never get a busy signal, Never had to pay a quarter.
So thank you, God, for listening to my troubles and my sorrow.
Good night, God, I love You, too, And I'll call again tomorrow!

P.S. Please bless all my friends and family too. Let them know God is there for them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watercolor Trio Set Up for grabs

My mistake, ordered double of the Watercolor Trio Set in wood, from the summer mini last month. Guess that's what happens the last minute on the last day, must have been in a hurry to go up north, kwim?

Anywho, rather than send it back to Stampin'Up, I thought I'd put it up for grabs and sell it $26.77) on my blog to whoever missed out on their chance from the summer mini.

I'll cover the costs of shipping it to you if I am unable to deliver it in person, lol.

Monday, September 13, 2010

In Memory, Happy 67th Birthday

Happy 67th Birthday Uncle Jim! I bet it's the best birthday party you could have with Jesus in Heaven and your mom & dad and Uncle Mike w/Baba. I sure hope Grandma Lane made you the special birthday cake just the way you liked it. I can't stop thinking about you everyday. :(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In Loving Memory of Uncle Jim

I'm back from vacation, but with a heavy broken aching heart since my Uncle Jim passed away. He was 66 (a Vietnam Veteran) and would have turned 67 on Sept 13th. I visited him every Saturday in the nursing home for years and just can't stop missing him.

Another death put upon me. I know its the Lord's way. I don't like seeing people suffer as much as it hurts, sometimes its best for an end result. Lord my God open your arms cause one of your children has come home. I will not fall any deeper in morning of a loved one. I will rise in the spirit of Jesus my Lord as well as Uncle Jim you will be missed my brother. Let us not be so sad in his passing but rejoyce in his new embarkment of life with the Lord.